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TerraVerde Agriculture features a diverse portfolio of successful international projects with outstanding results. The following are just a handful of examples of projects completed across various service areas and project phases.

Terra Verde Agriculture track record includes a diverse portfolio of projects that have led to success stories in agriculture, livestock and aquaculture project implementation.

Rural development scheme design, Nigeria


TerraVerde designed a large-scale agricultural and agro-industrial scheme that includes both smallholders and commercial farms. The company performed agricultural planning, designed irrigation and water usage, defined agro-processing, conducted farmer training, defined agricultural production enhancement and assimilated agro-technology into the scheme. To help ensure success, TerraVerde analyzed the economic and socioeconomic aspects of the initiative.


The project is a major contributor to rural development in the area. Three hundred families—about 2,000 people, will directly upgrade their standards of living and welfare status. The agro-industrial center, which is under construction, and central farming facilities will provide an additional 2,000 job opportunities. The project will comprise a center for standard and value-added processing, and a training and knowledge dissemination center.

Project investment: Over $100M