• Develop ideal integrated agricultural designs to maximize resources, such as water, land and energy
  • Recommend the best suited agricultural product and cropping pattern for the specific client and physical environment
  • Assess potential initiatives with applied research and development


  • Generate profits by determining which agricultural activity best suits your environment/conditions, etc.
  • Conserve and manage resources through efficient production methods, cutting-edge technologies and building self-sufficient operations
  • Boost income by enhancing yield and replacing imports with locally sourced production
  • Design core and value-added product processing to meet market requirements and enhance profitability


  • Maximize economic growth, while promoting ecological sustainability, human welfare and social development
  • Empower regional governments through training and extension programs that promote agricultural productivity and self sufficiency
  • Promote food security and quality of life by designing, developing and managing modern farm settlements and regional infrastructure and services


With a clear focus on maximizing results, TerraVerde offers a wide range of services from concept
design through implementation to ongoing management.

We provide advanced tailor made solutions for rural development, best practices for agricultural land use, livestock and agro-industrial operations. We offer a service package which includes planning, building and running sustainable agricultural production enterprises.


  • Consulting – Agronomic and managerial supervision, training and extension, applied Research and Development
  • Planning – Project initiation and assessment, site surveys, project pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, market analysis, agronomic and business planning, agro-economics analysis, business plan development, detailed design
  • Implementation – Turn-key / Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), management, training and handover