flower who we are page
flower who we are page

Rural and Agricultural Development Excellence

For almost 30 years TerraVerde Agriculture has been well respected for delivering successful

projects, sustainable development, and long-term viability. Private investors, governments and

development funds around the world have trusted TVA to realize their agricultural and rural

development vision.

We provide diverse services, technology, know-how and training required for the upgrading and

construction of existing and new agricultural and agro-industrial enterprises.

Many successful projects have earned TerraVerde Agriculture a reputation for delivering measurable

value for the long term.

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Our Vision

TerraVerde Agriculture will increase global agricultural production to mitigate hunger and malnutrition, pave the way for food self-sufficiency and security; strengthen the rural community and improve its livelihood, while protecting the environment and natural resources.

Our Approach
  • Development and introduction of appropriate agricultural practices, agro-technology, and post-harvest technology
  • Enhancement and capacity building at all levels of the agricultural value chain 
  • Results and success-oriented approach 
  • Customer satisfaction focus
  • Long-term commitment to our customers and their projects
The Nature of Our Work
TerraVerde Agriculture engages in:
  • Strategic planning and master plan development
  • Project design, economic analyses, and financing
  • Project implementation including construction, operations, and management
Our scope

Our broad scope includes diverse agricultural sectors: crops, horticulture, open field and protected production, livestock, aquaculture, post-harvest, and agro-industry. Our scope also includes forestry, land conservation, desertification prevention and environmental protection. 

Leveraging Technology
TerraVerde specializes in applying technological innovation to boost growth and optimize efficiency.

Provision of optimal tailor-made solutions for any given condition

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