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flower who we are page

Agricultural community rehabilitation, South Africa


This governmental project, that TerraVerde participated in , incorporated 19 highly geographically dispersed communities . The communities were surveyed to develop a vision to rehabilitate their agricultural infrastructure , and strengthen their skills and economic capabilities. Factors studied were: physical, climatic and agricultural conditions, land and infrastructure. Socioeconomic aspects and community member abilities, preferences and desires were also assessed. A development scheme was developed for each community, including: choice of crops/livestock, agro-processing, agro-technology and training scheme. An economic evaluation was also performed. As a team within the overall project, TerraVerde conducted the agricultural planning and developed the training scheme.


This project is driving improvements in the standards of living for hundreds of  families in rural South Africa. Achievements include the introduction of new varieties and
breeds, local-population training and capacity building and the establishment of foundations for community-level self-sustainability.

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