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flower who we are page

Integrated agricultural design, Angola


TerraVerde developed a series of planning schemes for integrated agriculture production and agro-processing projects. Planning included crop choice, cropping pattern, agro-technology, irrigation, machinery, choice of livestock and processing plant type and capacity. Economic analyses were done for each scheme. The field crops selected were primarily maize, cassava, and beans, as well as open field and covered vegetables. Livestock included: beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, broilers and laying hens. In all, 7 schemes were developed, each for a specific provincial or governmental project, in various sizes, ranging from 350 to 2,000 Ha.


The project will contribute to self-sufficiency and fresh, high-value products for domestic consumption. The project will offer hundreds of direct and indirect job opportunities in the area.

2011/12 Client: Agricultiva

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