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flower who we are page
TerraVerde Agriculture features a diverse portfolio of successful international projects with outstanding results. The following are just a handful of examples of projects completed across various service areas and project phases.

Terra Verde Agriculture track record includes a diverse portfolio of projects that have led to success stories in agriculture, livestock and aquaculture project implementation.

Agricultural research station design, Angola


As part of the planning team, TerraVerde performed an economic evaluation and designed 9 governmental research stations, including conceptual design, station layout, research scope, trial area and trial design. TerraVerde also defined human resource requirements, the manpower-training approach, livestock feed production needs and water demand. The research stations will conduct agricultural R&D and apply extension methods to train farmers and disseminate agricultural and agro-technology know-how.


The research stations are invaluable in their contribution to local agricultural and rural development. The stations will drive the introduction of new varieties and the application of technology for training and extension, and serve as centers of excellence for farmer support.

Project investment: Approximately $8M for each station