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Opportunities for Passover 2022

Spring has arrived and Passover is here. It is the Israelite exodus from Egypt that signifies the festival of liberty, and the transition from slavery to freedom and Easter which symbolizes the conquest of life over death, belief over doubt, and light over darkness.
However, for many communities worldwide celebrating festivities at this time, it is a sad global concern that the world has fallen back to an era of war atrocities, terror, and economic uncertainties, which are reportedly unprecedented since the last world war.
Even after over two years of Covid – 19 related lockdowns and restrictions, it seems like the worst superlatives are short of describing the severity of this reality.
Russia’s brutal invasion of the Ukraine, chaos in the commodities markets, increasing fuel and transportation costs, terror in the Middle East and rising global inflation are all hallmarks of these emerging worries.
Nevertheless, as with many grave consequences disasters at one end are openings at the other.
Countries are now being called to rethink their perception of food security and self-sufficiency in food supplies to a growing global population, not only amidst environmental stressors driven by a changing climate, but by more man-made instability.
Becoming more self-sufficient increases consumption of local goods. This can decrease the costs of consumer products when duty taxes increase the overall cost of imported goods and services.
Recalculating importation strategies in view of self-sufficiency can increase domestic employment, enhance national security, enlarge national revenue, and improve consumer protection.
For individual farmers, the urgency in requirements for food and feed coupled to rising prices are providing several opportunities. Local demand and higher prices for produce are both profitability drivers for the farming community. Recent hikes in commodity process such as wheat, corn and cotton are new hopes for farmers.
Despite the seriousness of the global situation, exploiting these consequences for change and development of farming seems obvious.

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Now more than ever our services come to support governments and the farming community in improving productivity and profitability.
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