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Maintaining Stability in Agricultural Production

The past few years have been defined by global upheavals that have been shaking commodity prices worldwide, causing a perception of instability and recently driving inflation.

Last year’s big issues included COVID-19 and surges in commodity prices and shipping costs that were battering world markets. Those now seem routine in comparison to this year’s dramas comprising the Russian war in Ukraine, grain shortages and the global economic downturn, that are causing worldwide concern.

Although these issues strongly impact agricultural production and farmer considerations, they remain external forces beyond the control of the farming community and support organizations.

It is therefore important that farmers mitigate at least some of their inherent production risks by developing good agricultural practices and maintaining robust research and development activities to support stability in production and maintain resilience.

Governments and agricultural sectors are required to constantly review and work continuously to ensure not only stable production required to keep a sector going strong but also uninterrupted research and development.

Agronomic development is essential for achieving healthy crop production and animal husbandry, high productivity, and profitability for growers.

Ongoing release of new, high yielding and premium quality plant varieties as well as animal breeds is a critical factor for maintaining profitable production. This includes ongoing research and breeding efforts, continuous testing, and release of new superior types. Uncompromising criteria for introduction of new varieties and breeds into the production system are to be encouraged.

Continuous research and development in the realms of plant and animal protection, irrigation and nutrition management and best management practices are long term pursuits. Proactive search and introduction of novel agro-technologies, smart agricultural methods and precision management should be inherent to development efforts.


Continuous research and development coupled to traditional principles such as minimum tillage, no-till, crop rotations that are required to maintain high yields, will contribute to stability in production during these volatile times.

TerraVerde Agriculture is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the implementation of agricultural projects and rural development. Our expertise and experience support advancement of sustainable agriculture, management of water scarcity, mitigation of climate change, and alleviation of other challenges to enable viability and growth in productivity.

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