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Climate Change and Water Availability

As a company engaged in agricultural development and irrigation, TerraVerde Agriculture is increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change on water availability.

The effects are profound and multifaceted, affecting both the quantity and quality of water resources globally.

The impact is driven by altered hydrological cycles which modify precipitation patterns. Some regions experience increased rainfall and floods, while others face decreased rainfall, leading to droughts and reduced water availability.

A warming climate is leading to the depletion of glaciers and ice caps eventually leading to a decrease in these sources as well as higher sea levels. This can lead to the salinization of freshwater sources near coasts, reducing their availability for drinking, agriculture, and industry.

Higher temperatures result in increased evaporation rates from soil and water bodies, reducing the amount of water available for agriculture, drinking, and other needs.

Climate change is also exacerbating water pollution by increasing the concentration of pollutants during droughts and altering the path and speed of water flow.

Changes in water availability and temperature affect aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, impacting biodiversity, fish stocks, and the livelihoods of communities dependent on these resources.

TerraVerde Agriculture can assist with the development of adaptive management strategies to plan and ensure sustainable water use, protect water resources, and mitigate the adverse effects on ecosystems, agriculture, and human populations.

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TerraVerde Agriculture mourns the loss of a colleague and partner to agricultural advancement in the Negev, in Israel, and worldwide
יגאל פלאש ואשתו סינדי

Igal Flash and Cindy his wife were murdered by Hamas killers in their home in Kfar Aza, in the horrific attack that took place in the Western Negev on Saturday,
october 7.

Igal, was one of the professional pillars of field crops in Israel, especially in the cotton industry and in particularly in the Western Negev. They were brutally murdered in their home at Kfar Aza.

Igal continued a tradition of agriculture in this arid region, personally contributing to the continuous development from ancient rain-fed methods to the modern innovations of the 21st century. Building this robust agricultural environment not only boosted the settlement of a desert region with a thriving local economy, but also led to significant technological progress shared globally.

Further to the ceremony held in Israel we join the family in its mourning and in the fundraising efforts aimed to rebuild their lives, cover funeral expenses in Israel and the memorial in the US.

Be there for the Flash family:

In addition to the murder and injury of thousands of people, the agriculture in the area was also significantly damaged.
Other support links forwarding to assistance to farmers and donations to victims can be found here: IRONMATCH
Your contributions will be much appreciated.

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