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TerraVerde Agriculture is a global leader in cotton development with a proven worldwide track record. Our team served as cotton consultants in Israel and globally. We are presently involved with major cotton development efforts worldwide.

Let’s Talk About Cotton

Cotton is the most important and most widely used natural fiber in today’s textile industry. It is also an important cash crop for growers of many countries in the world. The cotton plant is a warm­ season woody perennial shrub, which is grown as an annual field crop. Because the plants are grown in various environments, cotton farmers can choose from many varieties of cotton that are  bred to be productive in various environmental and cultural conditions. After the seeds are planted and the plants begin to grow and develop, they must be protected from insects, diseases and  weeds. However, cotton has acquired a notorious standing. It is perceived as a thirsty crop, responsible for the depletion of natural water resources; a consumer of massive doses of toxic chemicals, disrupting eco­systems and detrimental to human health; and an exploiter of cheap  labour associated with indecent and sometimes forced adult and child employment.

The time has come to rehabilitate cotton’s reputation and eliminate the controversy.

We boast a long­standing track record in cotton agronomy, employing water saving technologies, implementing integrated pest management methodology and driving record breaking yields in multiple global environments.

TerraVerde is well acquainted with principles and criteria of sustainable cotton production recognized as acceptable by the important cotton handlers and retailers. Cotton is natural, easy to care for, absorbent and breathable, soft to touch and truly biodegradable. It is the perfect fiber for home textiles, as well as basic, luxury and intimate clothing, and has been cultivated by our ancestors for thousands of years.

Climate change and environmental pollution generated by synthetic polymers including fibers, are a driving force behind the trend back to natural, sustainably produced and biodegradable materials. In recent decades, cotton research and development programs worldwide have led to dramatic reductions in land use, soil loss, water use, energy use and a substantial decrease in chemical application with the help of biotechnology and a shift to integrated pest management. Cotton is increasingly becoming mechanized, eliminating the intensive manual labour requirement. It is also becoming an environmentally friendly and sustainable crop.

TerraVerde Agriculture can assist in transforming traditional cotton production habits into sustainable production technology and the source of well recognized environmentally friendly and accepted product.

TerraVerde Agriculture has world class capability in efficient and sustainable cotton production.

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